In 92′ I became a Christian and have pursued its thought and ideas with a view to compile the experience and process!  Theteddfacebookname of this site is the result of my son and I looking out of the window of a Sydney train travelling to Wollongong at some chairs sofa’s, and other stuff that had been tipped down an incline at the end of a lane-way onto the railway tracks. My son turned to me and said, there’s a good name for a website … seats’ … a cradle of them … enjoy!

I like movies with: Depth.  My last video: Seven days in Utopia.  My musical preferences: gospel / loop-fusion. Last book read: Yellow Pages.  Author: Arthur Clarke.  Best game on Tv: Super rugby.  I’m passionate about: Pentecost.  I wish I could: Time travel.  My favorite destination: The refrigerator.  If I won a million dollars: I would spend it.  If I were a super hero: I would make it happen. Stuff I’m not sure about: Facial Tattoos. My worst buy: Austin 1800. I like my coffee: White with 2.  Food I prefer: Home cooked. Software I use: win7x64. Hardware: win7x64 compatible.


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